Buying, Selling & Exchanging 

It's best to arrange an appointment with Mr Brown Jnr by calling 07716 297 408


Free Valuation enquiries

All enquiries can be taken over the phone by Mr Brown Jnr at the above number.

All valuations given by phone are PROVISIONAL.  We will always need to authenticate items in person at a later date.

Free House Calls

We provide free house calls by appointment.  

If you would like an indication of value before making an appointment, please phone Mr Brown Jnr and give him a description of your items(s).    

Theodore David

Theodore David is an established and well known Edinburgh business specialising in:

  • antique, vintage, gold/silver and costume jewellery
  • silver and silver plate
  • antique glassware & Ceramics
  • coins
  • medals
  • pocket watches, watches & clocks
  • all manner of antiques and collectibles